Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still not spending time on Helium

Squidoo is just more fun right now although I know that the payout at Helium is greater. There are two days left in the month and I will spend all my time at Squidoo. Come December 1st, it's back to Helium. I have thing that need to be done there. It's hard to switch back. Squidoo allows me to really play with topics and interject my own quirky thoughts. Oh well, at least I have two more days to play.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Change in focus

I have not rated or written on Helium in over a week. In fact, I haven't even logged in. My focus has been on Squidoo and I have been writing there. It's a problem because I can make money on Helium and it's needed for Christmas. I am just having more fun on Squidoo. I have made 11 lenses this month and I am really proud of several of them. I received an invitation to join the RocketMoms and am working on the challenge. Along the way, I have discovered that Squidoo rewards with points and silly bonus stuff that is just fun. Since most of my lenses are new, they are not earning. Even my older lenses don't make money because they are not monetized.

I'm not sure why Helium is not where I want to be. It really doesn't matter, I have to start next week because money is money. Maybe the break will be good.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're writing a novel

The folks in the Writing Challenge group are writing a novel called "Invitation to Wishworth Castle". We are all doing a chapter and I did chapter 2. It's open to anyone who wants to join in. We currently have 4 chapters written and it's quite amazing what each one adds to the story. Can't wait to see how it grows and ends.