Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moving my comments from another blog

StumbleUpon is my friend

I have the How to keep food cold in an ice chest with 45K hits, 700 plus today. I just stumbled an article titled Useful writing prompts to defeat writer’s block, and it made $.45 in one hour. It currently has 150 hits. While the rest of the articles and how-to guide sort of flounder, these two are just plain fun to watch. The deal with StumbleUpon is to stumble as many as you post. Fortunately, that’s not hard. Stumbling through all the websites can be addictive and it pays off. It works like bookmarks. But because I have stumbled so many, I had a nice selection of writing prompts that I just had to save. Works for me.

Can’t post “My quilt blocks” Squidoo lens on Facebook

I almost made a big mistake. I have “My Quilt Blocks” on Squidoo with a nice picture of a quilt top made by our Cozy Cup Crafting Guild. It is for a friend who is moving away and we wanted her to have something to remember us. However, I recently added her as a friend and if she sees this, she will know it’s for her. Until we surprise her with the finished quilt, this lens can’t be promoted on Facebook.

This is the reason I can't promote my lens on Facebook

Updating Squidoo lenses

On the suggestion of a friend who is doing quite well on Squidoo, I decided to update mine. I have let them sit untended for a long time. I never promoted them and so now, most of them are shined up and promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Stumble Upon. It doesn’t appear that they are doing very well but at least I don’t feel so bad about leaving them alone. This self-promotion shouldn’t be left in the hands of amateurs.

Self-promotion is not my style

When you are raised to respect the values of others, shoving my accomplishments in their face was considered rude. I might be able to string words together but there are many talented people. I like writing and enjoy the conversations I have with other writers. I just don’t feel right posting stuff on Twitter and Facebook. It feels like bragging. However, I am willing to give it a try because although I am not out to get rich, even the smallest financial reward feels good. So to my friends, I know that you may be tired of reading the things I post but there are times that it is quite good. That’s not bragging, it is just what is.

Squidoo lenses and other sites

It would be nice if I could find a RSS feed for Squidoo. Each article has its own but this form doesn’t support that many widgets. Since I can’t I will just post the link to my Squidoo lenses in the side column. I have everything from Bullying to California Destinations. I found the RSS feed for Wikinut and Helium. Now that I have links to the three places I write the most, I am going to add this blog to my profile on Helium. I’m still learning but I think it has something to do with back-links.

Time to stop messing around: 38K views on my How-to

I have spent the last two days updating my Squidoo lenses. I am adding them to Stumble-Upon to see what will happen. My “How to keep food cold in an ice chest” just hit 38K views. This is great for my Helium payments. It is probably unusual for a how-to guide to have that much traffic but what a ride!

“Do-over’s” are not just for kids

Who says we can’t do anything over. I didn’t like the other blog so this is a “do-over’. Here is the place that I will finally combine all the writing that is all over the Internet. Helium, Wikinut, eHow, Hubpages, Triond and Squidoo. That way I will never have to remember what all of them are.

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