Friday, May 27, 2011

Time to catch up

I have not taken the time to keep up with this blog. I have been sidetracked by a writing assignment on Helium where I am making enough money to support my vacation this year. We will be homeschooling our grandson next year and the trip to Missouri to visit family will also give us a chance to learn more about American History.

I am also have to rewrite all my eHow articles as I did not move to Demand Media and all of my articles were deleted. Since it leaves me with quite a few dead links on the other sites where I write, it is important to take those articles and recreate them on Squidoo.

I did rewrite my favorite, How to escape from Godzilla, which I am very proud of and it can be found on the link to Wordstock's Lensography if you are interested.

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