Friday, December 5, 2014

"Spark of Love" Toy Drive Tournament - Once again, baseball related because that's the only thing we do

The goal of M. J. Joachim's Holiday Food Drive on her blog "Effectively Human" is to share local programs that feed the hungry. These are the people who make a difference on a daily basis and need our support. But for Day 2 of the Holiday Food Drive, I am going to change my focus just a bit.

It's December and everyone is out shopping. It's almost sad to see how products are pushed for children who now must have the best and the most of everything. What if you are a child in foster care who may not get anything? Los Angeles County has a trust fund to make sure all the children in their care are not only eligible for scholarships but during the holidays make sure they are included in the festivities of the season.

The Spark of Love Toy Drive is one of those programs. Their mission (from the website) is:

“Spark of Love (SOL)” is a toy drive and distribution campaign that includes a number of related holiday events benefiting foster youth and caregivers. The 22 year-old initiative is managed by a Planning Committee comprised of ABC’s Channel 7, Children’s Trust Fund, representatives from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and Metrolink. 

Within Los Angeles County, these efforts are also supported by volunteers, representatives from the Board of Supervisors and employees from the Department of Children and Family Services. Approximately 50,000 toys are collected each year. The toys are distributed to the community through the work of ABC7, the Children’s Trust Fund, and Los Angeles County Fire Department.

We are well aware of the toy drive because it's been around for many years and we have donated toys, dropping them off at the fire station. However, this year there is a baseball tournament in Fontana where collecting toys is part of the entry fee. Each child playing will bring a toy.

I grant you this is not a food drive. However, feeding the soul is every bit as important and our players are excited to help. Not only do they get to play baseball, they are part of something bigger where giving is the focus.

If you are in Fontana on December 6-7, drop off a toy at Jack Bulik Park or Bill Martin Park. Come watch the kids play baseball and enjoy the time with us. Help us teach our kids not only good sportsmanship but giving to others. It's food for their souls and the kids who will get the toys.

"Spark of Love" Toy Drive Tournament in Partnership with
RC Bulldogs
.Dec. 6-7, 2014 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 16u
Jack Bulik Park, 
Bill Martin Park, 
Fontana, California

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